Belt Drive and its Types

Belt Drives are a type of frictional drives used for transmitting powers. They are quite popular owing to their high durability and reliability. For most of the power transmission requirements, belt drives are also economical and financially viable. They are comparatively easy to install and maintain and generally are durable and viable in the long run.

Belt Drive

Belt drives are used to transmit power between two shafts which do not have a common axis. The amount of power transmitted between the shafts is dependent upon the amount of friction between the two. Factors that determine the power transmission are the velocity of the belt, belt tension between the pulleys and the angle of contact between the pulleys.

Belt drive diagram

For getting the optimal performance and the desired results from the belt drive the selection of the right belt according to the application becomes crucial.Selection of the right kind of belt for a given application will depend upon the type of drive used, operating RPM, Horsepower generation, Diameter of pulleys and center distance, take up design, space available for the setup, shock load conditions, issues with static dissipation, the service life of the belt etc.

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Types of Belt Drives:

There are two broad classifications as far as types of belt drives are concerned, they are determined by the amount of power transmission required and arrangement of belts.

Belt Drives according to the power transmitted :


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