What are ball bearings and what is their purpose?

Ball Bearings

Bearings can be easily seen in the moving parts around us. It helps in reducing the rotational friction and balances both radial & axial loads. A bearing is basically the rotating element which uses balls, rollers, needles etc, to maintain the separation between the bearing races.

Bearing comes in a number of designs and it entirely depends upon the applications they are used for. They differ with the load type and their ability to manage weight. Let’s have a look on types of bearings.

Types of Bearings:

  1. Ball Bearing
  2. Roller Bearing
  3. Ball Thrust Bearing
  4. Roller Thrust Bearing
  5. Tapered Roller Bearing
  6. Specialized Bearing

ball bearings

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Ball Bearings

These are the most common type of bearing we use in mechanical operations. But their design is such to handle only the small amount of weight. In its function it uses two races, one contains the ball and other transmit the load through the ball. Mostly one of the race is stationary and the other on is linked with the rotating assembly for example shaft. Either one of the bearing races rotates and provides motion to the balls. The rotary motion of the ball tends to rotate the other bearing race.

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