How Does An Automotive Air Conditioning System Work

Nowadays, the cars and trucks we buy all come with the feature of air conditioning. This system effectively controls the temperature and the humidity of the atmospheric air and circulates it in the vehicle cabin. Do you know the detailed knowledge about the automotive air conditioning and its working principles? Well, in this article, we will go through all the aspects of this air conditioning system. Basically, an automotive air conditioning system maintains the temperature as well as the humidity of the atmospheric air and spreads the cool air inside the vehicle or in your car. Its working is based on the reverse Brayton or the Rankin cycle. In the entire working of this system, processes like refrigeration, air circulation, etc. are involved. Talking about the refrigerant used here then, nowadays mostly refrigerant R134a is in use. Previously, refrigerants like Freon-12 were used in various applications.
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 The air circulating system effectively distributes the cold air through a blower or the air duct. The control system senses the temperature and allows managing the refrigerating system.

Automotive air conditioning
Following are some important components that play a crucial role in the working of the air conditioning systems in our cars and trucks:

  1. Condenser
  2. Compressor
  3. Orifice Tube
  4. Refrigerant
  5. Evaporator
  6. Thermal censor
  7. Expansion valve

This system is divided into two types according to its applications:

  • Combined function system
  • Single function system

Combined function system:
This system is used in the private cars and vehicles. Here, the processes like heating, cooling are carried out under the same boiler as well as the control system.

Single function system:
In the case of a single-function system, various processes are carried out individually. This type of system is used for public cares, trucks, luxury vans, etc.

Working of the Automotive Air Conditioning System-

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