Automobile – Auto + Mobile = Self + Mobile
This French origin word means all Vehicles that are Self-powered (Semi-Self Powered ie, in most cases, they require a driver)

They are of many types, based on their shape, size, propulsion system, Engine type, Engine position, drive type, layout and whether they run on the track, air, water, underwater, road.

To put it simply, anything that has its own power source and moves on the road is an automobile.It can be a car/ bike powered by a combustion engine (most of the vehicles we see ).It can be a vehicle powered by alternative means like an electric battery, fuel cell etc.


Types of Automobile;

The automobiles are classified by the following ways,

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-On the Basis of Load:

Heavy transport vehicle (HTV) or heavy motor vehicle (HMV),

Light transport vehicle (LTV), Light motor vehicle (LMV),

-On the Basis of Wheels :

Two wheeler vehicle, for example : Scooter, motorcycle, scooty, etc.

Three wheeler vehicle, for example : Autorickshaw,

Three wheeler scooter for handicaps and tempo, etc.

Four wheeler vehicle, for example : Car, jeep, trucks, buses, etc.

Six wheeler vehicle, for example : Big trucks with two gear axles.

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-On the basis of Fuel Used:

Petrol vehicle, e.g. motorcycle, scooter, cars, etc.

Diesel vehicle, e.g. trucks, buses, etc.

Electric vehicle which use battery to drive.

Steam vehicle, e.g. an engine which uses steam engine.

Gas vehicle, e.g. LPG and CNG vehicles, where LPG is liquefied

-On the basis of body style:

Sedan Hatchback car.

Coupe car Station wagon Convertible.

Van Special purpose vehicle, e.g. ambulance, milk van, etc.

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-On the basis of Transmission:

Conventional vehicles with manual transmission, e.g. car with 5 gears.


Automatic: In an automatic transmission, gears are not required to be changed manually.

-On the basis of Drive:

Left-hand drive

Right-hand drive

-On the basis of Driving Axle

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Front wheel drive

Rear wheel drive

All-wheel drive

-Position of Engine:

Engine in Front – Most of the vehicles have engine in the front. Example : most of the cars,

Engine in the Rear Side Very few vehicles have engine located in the rear. Example : Nano car.


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