How does an auto start-stop system works in a car?

Effect of auto start-stop systems on the electronic devices

Most of the electronic devices like the air conditioner or the heater stop it functioning when the start-stop system turns the engine off. As we know these devices need a lot of energy to operate and they will consume the inbuilt battery of the vehicle in very less time. Now the automotive companies are making hybrid cars with an advance electric system which do not depend on the vehicle’s engine. The best example of the car suiting this feature is Toyota Prius.

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There are times when the engine is turned off for a longer duration and the inner atmosphere of the car becomes highly unstable according to the weather. The hybrid system switches the engine on for some while and this in return operates the air conditioner or the heating system. These systems help to maintain the temperature of the car’s cabin.

Vehicular battery plays a major role in the effective working of the auto start-stop feature. They require extended battery life for smooth operations. A simple battery can get easily exhausted while performing start-stop operations. This is because it requires a lot of battery support for backup. Even the audio systems and the lights consume a lot of battery. Hybrid batteries are a great option for the proper working of the auto start-stop operation in the vehicles.

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