How does an auto start-stop system works in a car?

the auto start-stop system

On concerning the disturbing environmental conditions, all the automotive giants are making cars with an auto start-stop system. This system automatically stops the engine and restarts it with a motive to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. This system is very advantageous during the long waits in the traffic jams.

With recent studies, the start- stop feature can save a great amount of fuel consumption. As an estimate, it can nearly save 3-10 percent of the fuel consumptions and even the emissions. This achievement may not matter to an individual person but collectively brings good effect to the environment.

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How auto start-stop actually works?

auto start-stop system

In today’s automotive technology, the computer plays a major role in this system. This system comes with sensors which carefully detect the accelerator depression, speed, brake depression and the gear engagement. When the vehicle stops, it turns off the engine. Here the sensors may work on detecting the brake, accelerator pedal or even the gear or clutch engagement.

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The sooner we press the accelerator or remove the foot from the brake pedal, the controller pre-positions the starter model and starts the engine again instantly. This procedure happens in less than a second. As an interesting fact, the Ford Fusion’s auto start-stop system takes a quarter of the second to instantly restart the engine.

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