How ATM Works?

ATM or Automated Teller Machine is one of the most important machines that we use in our daily life and without which our life could be a lot more cumbersome. Be it just a quick shopping spree, one just cannot step out of their homes without an ATM card.

The users insert the card into ATMs to access the account and process their account transactions. The automatic teller machine was invented by John Shepherd-Barron in the year of 1960.

But have you ever thought how it actually works?Let’s find out.
The Automatic telling machine consists of mainly two input devices and four output devices that are:

Input Devices:
1) Card reader:


The card reader is used by the ATM to recognize your card number and the authenticate it. The black strip on the rear of the ATM card is used to maintain a connection with the card reader.

2) Keypad:


It is used to put in the card details like the unique ATM pin and the amount to be withdrawn. ATM also asks a few questions about the selection of the desired language, that is also selected by the Keypad.

Output Devices:

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