What Is Anti-lock Braking System ? Its Components & Working

Anti-lock Braking system was designed to help the driver maintain some steering ability and avoid skidding while braking. The impending need of safety features for automobiles owing to increasing number of accidents is expected to boost the ABS market. Anti-lock braking system holds great potential to ensure the safety of automobiles at an event of braking in the wet & rough surface.

The Below picture describes the advantage of the use of Anti-lock Braking System

anti-lock braking system

Anti-lock Braking System helps the rider to brake confidently in any situation. In normal Bikes whenever you apply pressure hard on the brake lever in a panic, the total amount of pressure is transferred to the brake caliper which leads to Wheel locking which may result in Skid.

Whereas in the motorcycles Equipped with the ABS, the wheel locking is sensed by the ECU. Soon after it detects the situation of wheel locking it will send a command to Solenoid valves which release the pressure on the brake line by letting the wheel to rotate temporarily.

This action continues several times and due to this process, you can feel a pulsating feeling near the brake lever.

Components Of Anti-lock Braking System –

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