Why Do Airplanes Need To Fly So High?

Now, this is a question that comes to everyone’s mind. Sane scientific mind at least, that why does an airplane fly at such high altitude. I mean having an obstacle-free path is good enough. An airplane can fly at that altitude, can’t they? Well, the answer is yes, but then there would be some unviable issues with it which we will be discussing in the current article.

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In order to reach high altitudes, the airplane has to use a lot of engine power. We know that an airplane engine is a power machine and consume lots of fuel for its operations. The aircraft has to maintain a minimum forward velocity while climbing, this also makes it enter into a thinner atmosphere. So additional engine resources are required for pressurizing the cabin so that passengers can have a safe and healthy flight.

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Air Density plays a pivotal role in the complete aircraft operation. When aircraft fly at very high altitudes they require less fuel to operate than that at lower altitudes. Now here we have to take this into consideration that most of the commercial jetliners are running on jet engines. And Jet Engines in order to operate require…

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