How is aircraft’s landing gear made?

The Aircraft’s Landing Gear is responsible for maintaining and balancing the whole aircraft system. The material should be highly sturdy and this becomes the main reason to make it up of stainless steel or other hard alloys. Being heavy in nature the companies use a lighter material to make other aircraft parts.

This landing system has to support the landing and other ground operations of the Aircraft. They work in proper linkage with the primary structure of the aircraft and its type mainly depends on the aircraft design. The landing gear comes with high-performance wheels which effectively facilitate the operation of landing. As a result of this, the hydraulic system also includes tension dampers to retain the tension while landing operations.

Basic Manufacturing process

The core cylinder of the landing gear system undergoes machining with the high-performance shaping machine. It is automatic and cuts the minute disturbance on the surface of the block. The surface should be smooth and shiny both inside and outside of the block.

Aircraft's landing gear
With the help of a boring machine, the inner part of the cylindrical block is bored and automatically separates the chips. After boring the main internal hole, there are two side holes which have to undergo boring and surface finishing process. As continuous boring and drilling heat up the tool and the workpiece, the machine continuously sprays coolant on these parts.

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The outer rough surface of the cylindrical block has to undergo the grinding process for shiner and smoother surface. To clean the surface of the unreachable parts, the technicians grind it with the help of hand grinder and polishes the surface.

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