What happens when an air bubble enters our vein ?

What happens when an air bubble enters our vein? Actually, this is a question whose answer everyone should know. The phenomenon of air entering the blood is called Air Embolism in medical parlance. Air embolism is also called gas embolism at times. We are just making the terms clear in the beginning to eradicate any confusion that our readers might have.

Air in Blood

Air embolism is said to have occurred when an air bubble enters the bloodstream. Although the article clearly states that we are referring to veins here but still for the sake of clarity, let’s get the fundamentals straight here. The human body as all of us know has both veins and arteries. Arteries carry oxygenated blood to every organ in the body and veins carry carbon dioxide containing blood from the body. Now when the air bubble is stuck in the vein the term venous embolism is used and when its stuck in the artery then the term arterial embolism is used.

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Note: Air embolism is a serious medical condition and can be potentially lethal. The air bubble can travel to your brain, heart or lungs which can easily turn in to a life-threatening situation.

Air embolism is caused by many things, some of them are :

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