Advantages and Disadvantages of using LPG in S.I. Engine

Today there are many alternative fuels to run our vehicles that were running only on conventional fuels like diesel or petrol. One of the alternatives is liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). It’s the same fuel that is used in our kitchens to cook food. The use of LPG in the automobile sector is increasing because of many reasons. However, there are numerous benefits of using LPG as fuel in SI Engines, but at the same time, there are bad consequences too.

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In this article, you will get to know the advantages and the disadvantages of using LPG in the SI engine.


Advantages Of Using LPG:

1. By shifting to LPG as an automobile fuel, there can be a considerate decrease in the environmental pollution as the carbon-dioxide which our vehicles release is reduced.

2. LPG in the SI engine makes less noise as compared to the diesel engine. Secondly, as LPG evaporates quickly, in case of spillage fewer particulates are produced.

3. It reduces the dependency on petrol and diesel for driving automobiles.

4. It is cheaper than petrol and diesel. Also, it gives more mileage which can save up to 40 % of the fuel costs compared to petrol and 20% compared to diesel.

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5. Due to a higher octane rating of LPG, the combustion is smoother and knocking is eliminated.

6. In the event when LPG leaks past the piston rings into the crankcase, it does not wash away oil from the walls of the cylinder which doesn’t produce black carbon. Therefore, there is no washing off of the lubrication layer, increasing the engine life by up to 50%.

7. The life of electrode is increased because during LPG as a fuel there is no deposition of carbon on the electrodes.


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