What is adiabatic process? Types of adiabatic Process

 The temperature of gases rises under adiabatic compression which is called adiabatic heating. However, in the expansion through adiabatic process against a pressure or a spring, the system causes a loss in temperature through a process called adiabatic cooling.

adiabatic process

Adiabatic heating occurs when there is work done by the surroundings to pressurize the gas. This work done can be compared to a piston compression in a diesel engine cylinder. Moreover, the adiabatic heating can also occur naturally when the air mass is pressed down on the slope of a mountainous terrain, thereby increasing the temperature of the air because of work done on the air mass to decrease its volume against the land mass.

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Adiabatic cooling occurs when the expansion takes place in an isolated system, rendering them to work in their surroundings. For example: when the air is depressurized by the lift in a wind current its volume gets spread out, thus reducing the temperature.

Adiabatic process and timescales-


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