Why is AC better than DC?

In today’s world, next to oxygen lies the most important need of human and that is the electricity. Over the developing years, many changes have taken place. All the gadgets need electricity to run. Here electricity flows in two forms – AC i.e. Alternating Current and DC i.e. Direct Current.

The main difference between an AC and DC is the electron flow direction During the flow of electricity, in AC, the electrons keep on changing their direction, i.e. moving forward and backward whereas, in DC, electrons move in a single direction, steadily.

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During the flow of electricity, both the currents carry a different amount of energy. As the DC cannot travel larger distances, it begins to lose the energy gradually. Whereas, the AC can be transferred safely over long distances and thus can provide more amount of energy.


The source of current is the important aspect to be considered. AC is initiated from the AC generator, power plants and mains whereas, DC can be obtained from the solar panels and any cell or a battery.

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As we know that AC and DC travel in different directions so this direction of flow of electrons is caused due to a reason. AC continuously changes its direction due to the presence of the rotating magnet along the wire whereas, in DC flow, the wire consists of steady magnetism.


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