A train with no engine Now in India T18 is ready to begin at 29 December

Do you hear about any train which is engine-less? Then how can it move, Let us talk about this how it works and what are its key features? This train named as T18 launched in India to use commercially

T18 train cost Rs 100 crore and 18 months to prepare. This kind of train which does not have engine 1st time adopted by India. “Train 18” was developed by the Integral Coach Factory (ICF)

The T18  train will start in commercial use on 29th of December. After Inauguration by Prime Minister Narendra Modi,  the train is ready on the route of Delhi-Varanasi.

Features of T18 Train

  • Its outer structure is like a bullet train.
  • It has 2 driver coaches at each end allowing it to have a faster-turning capability.
  • Train 18 has 16 coaches with a passenger capacity of 1,128
  • It has a regenerative braking system (It is an energy recovery mechanism which slows a vehicle immediately by converting its kinetic energy and reuse when needed).
  • It has electro-pneumatic brakes This break process causes a mechanical linkage to press the brake blocks against the wheels.
  • With a speed of average 160km per hour.
  • Its pick up speed faster than other trains due to having a higher acceleration.
  • GPS based passenger information system.
  • Automatic doors, wifi connectivity
  • CCTV cameras

How T18 is engine- Less?

Before talking about T18, let us talk about our conventional train

When we talk about a train a picture comes in our mind that is an engine with many coaches. T18  engine is called locomotive process that engine which pulls coaches. The locomotive is self-propelled (by Diesel or Electricity) while Wagons cannot move on their own. The locomotive has to pull all 20 wagons, so the engine needs a very high amount of power because these buggies are very bulky to move. This restricts engine acceleration and speed. Now in this train

In T18 Engineers brought a new concept, that is  Electric motor in each wagon to make them self propelled! Thus they decided to install the Electric multiple units (EMU) in each coach. It eliminated a Single Locomotive Engine unit train system. This will give betterment to Train acceleration so that it has fast picked up speed. This train takes a shorter time to cover its route because of this concept.

This train covers a distance 15 per cent faster than Shatabdi. It can have better performance but Indian railway tracks need to build according to its needs.


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