Video – Awesome Explanation Of 8086 Microprocessor – You’ll Never Forget

Before understanding about 8086 microprocessors let us get a brief introduction on microprocessors. Read about microprocessors here

Now, A few points about 8086 microprocessor-

8086 microprocessor

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  1. 8086 is the first 16-bit microprocessor made by Intel.
  2. D V Hall or Liu Gibson are some of the good books to read about 8086.
  3. Feature such as Memory segment registers was first seen in this processor.
  4. Prior to 8086 Intel made processors such 4004, 8080, 8085.
  5. Following 8086 were…. 80186, 80286, 80386 (32-bit processor from this point), 80486, Pentium, core2duo…core i3……
  6. Modern-day desktop processors are often distinguished by x86 or AMD64.
  7. x86 means the processor has lineage to 8086 and is a 32-bit processor.
  8. AMD64 is 64-bit processor architecture first made by AMD later adopted by Intel.

Also Read: What Is A Microprocessor ? Working Of Microprocessor

While it is very hard to understand the working of 8086 microprocessor, the following video will make you understand the 8086 microprocessor once and for all.

Watch the video of 8086 microprocessor working below-

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