5 Trendy Technical News

1) There is a report of Facebook to planning its stable coin? What is it you should know 

  • According to the reports, Facebook will launch a feature which is a stablecoin, that lets users transfer money on its WhatsApp messaging app, focusing first on the money market in India. Like many other companies, Facebook is exploring ways to make a profit from the power of blockchain technology. If this report comes true then what it becomes the largest company to embrace consumer blockchain service.

2)A watch that measures your stress and also goes with your dress introduce by Bellabeat

  • Bellabeat is introducing its First smartwatch which is beautiful for women. With its basic features, it gives you counting your steps, tracking sleep patterns and reminding you to move. It’s manufacture with hypoallergenic which is good for sensitive skin people. It only bears water till a normal handwash or little rain,  you can’t or bathe with it. It also has a battery capacity up to 6 months.

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3)IBM introduced senor based on fingerprint to find out disease condition

  •  IBM introduces a small sensor that should take on a person’s fingernail to find out the effectiveness of drugs used to reduce the symptoms of the disease like Parkinson’s and other. Together with the custom software that analyzes the data, the sensor measures how the nail twist or bent because of heat as the user grips something. Because any activity involves gripping objects, that creates a lot of data for the software to analyze. Another way to get this data would be to attach a sensor to the skin and catches motion, as well as the health of muscles and nerves that way. The team notes that skin-based sensors can cause plenty of other problems, including infections, so it decided to look at using data from how a person’s fingernails bend instead.

4 )The LibreRouter project aims to make mesh networks simple and affordable

  • The intended use case is in situations where, say, a satellite or wired connection terminates at one point, the centre of an area, but the people who need to use it live nearby — but well outside the hundred feet or so you can expect a Wi-Fi signal to travel. Often in such a case it’s also prohibitively expensive to run more wires or install cellular infrastructure.

5) Casio unveils an all-metal G-Shock for those who need a real steel

  • The G-Shock is so nerdy that it has become cool, and this latest model, the GMWB5000GD-9, is no exception. Based on the original G-Shock models, this decidedly watch features solar charging, atomic timekeeping and a simple Bluetooth connection to your phone. Plus, now it comes in gold or silver-toned metal, a decided departure for the decades-old brand.

Spource Credit : Tech Crunch


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