How 2-stroke engine works and how it is better than 4-stroke engine

The internal combustion engines are revolutionizing the automotive sector. From extra mileage to high-speed engines, they are performing well in our automobiles. The internal combustion engines are two basic categories namely 2-stroke engine and 4-stroke engine. The key difference is the power cycle.

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The 2-stroke engine requires 2 strokes to complete the power cycle and on the contrary 4-stroke engine requires 4 strokes to finish the power cycle. As a fact, 2-stroke engines comprise high power to weight ratio. With the small cycle of power generation, they deliver high speeds instantly.

2-stroke engine

On comparison with the 4-stroke engines, 2-stroke engines are lighter and compact. Due to lesser moving parts, they are highly efficient and give better performance while driving. Moreover, 2-stroke engines require less maintenance than 4-stroke engines.

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