Top 10 Tips to Improve Interview Performance

An interview is a formal conversation to judge the skills and knowledge of the job seeker. It is a very nervous situation for every person while attending an interview. Even the throat dries of the most confident candidate during an interview.

Attending an interview requires proper skills and techniques. Because in a very short span of time you have to represent yourself as the best suitable candidate for that job. One should avoid over-confidence, extra smartness, fakeness and should focus on true self. Through this article, you can learn the top 10 skills to improve your interview performance.


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-Create your CV: Resume is a self-prepared document which depicts your personality. One should prepare it nicely with all your necessary updates including academics and experiences.

-Thorough investigation: Email your resume and investigate about the company you are heading for an interview. Study in detail about the company, process, work culture and other relevant information.

-Prepare in advance: Most of the aspirants wait for the interview call and prepare at the nick of the time. Advance preparation of the important topics and interview questions can help you in cracking the interview in the best possible way.

-Professional Dress Code: While attending an interview, attire is something which provides the first and the lasting impression. Get your hairs and beard trimmed and formals like dark trousers and light shirts work well. Well, polished oxford shoes and wear a tie if necessary.

-Quick Response: Don’t answer the interviewer more than he wants to know and take your time to reply properly. Be quick in response and stick to the topic.

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-Confidence, Not overconfidence: Attitude plays an important role while attending an interview. One of the most common questions asked in an interview is “tell about yourself”. Be normal with the response and jell with the atmosphere.

-Active listening skills: The interviewer also tests your listening skill while conducting the interview. Questions can be direct or indirect, try to respond accordingly as listening skills are an important perspective to be found within the candidate.

-Professional Tone: Respond your answers in a professional tone. Avoid use of the unprofessional tone or slangs. It may hamper your interview scores and you can lose your opportunity to get the job.

-Bodily posture: Body language is something which describes well about your confidence and attitude. When interviewer offers you a seat try to sit upright while interviewing. Try to sit in a normal posture and don’t use physical gestures.

-Professionalism: Professionalism is what really matters in a job interview. We all know that the first impression is always the lasting one so be yourself and crack the interview.

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